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Timeless Kiss: Legacy of Cape May

Laura Summers Davis's unique method of storytelling is nothing short of life changing.  And her book, Timeless Kiss- Legacy of Cape May, has become a worldwide sensation. In Timeless Kiss, Laura presents an in-depth look at love and how life gives you twists, no matter what era you were born in, from a fresh perspective.

Book Written by: Laura Summers Davis
Audio Book Narrated by: Laura Summers Davis
Length: 7 hrs and 3 minutes 
Unabridged Audio Book

                                               4.10 (7 ratings)

“Eager to find a new life and, hopefully, true love, Lauren Celeste Newman moves from California for a new beginning in Cape May, New Jersey.  The move quickly becomes her worst nightmare…a haunted mansion. Afraid of haunting’s in her new home, Lauren is drawn to Hank, who is everything she has ever wanted. He is tall, dark, captivatingly handsome, filthy rich, and a genuine gentleman.

Meanwhile, after meeting Lauren, Hank’s hopes for a true and deep kind of love emerge. But he has a long, dark secret. Wi Hank risk telling Lauren of his true identity, that he is actually Sir Hendrick Scott Saylor, a 16th century explorer?

Nothing is as it appears to be in this epic, paranormal love story. See if desires can become a reality.”