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Laura’s passion in the importance of creating a steamy romance novel without the profanity or explicit sexual scenes, is what brought her to take on the challenge of writing a good, clean, amazing “grab at you” and “keep you reading” type of romance novel. Once you start reading Laura’s books you will have a hard time putting them down.

We live in a fast paced world. Things are changing around us every day. Your best day will now include listening to her audiobooks or reading her books. Any way you like it, Laura wants you to find deep pleasure in her books. She feels that there are certain things that should never change; like people taking the time to enjoy a good book. Laura easily brings a scene to life. Her books are designed to evoke feelings; with loopings of mystery, adventure, history and action. They are, ultimately, love stories.

We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next for us!

Laura is well aware of how much a good story can impact your life. That is why she enjoys writing them.

A Big Thank You !

Thank you for and in behalf of my newly-released novel, Timeless Kiss: Legacy of Cape May.

These last two years have been wonderful years of writing and editing. I have been excited to post this announcement ever since the first thoughts of the story crossed my mind almost a year ago.

I remember the day I started writing Timeless Kiss. I was at my Utah home. The weather was brisk and I snuggled in from the cold on Wednesday, November 12, 2014. Instead of curling up with a good novel, like I usually do, I began writing one in front of the fire.

I also remember the day I finished writing. It was Monday night, December 21, 2015. Sitting in my Las Vegas office with the floor heater purring, I was finished!

Suddenly I have become very busy! I have been working hard on my website and also on the requirements for it to be sold in Paper-back, Kindle, Audiobook and Cd formats. I will post a message as soon as each of the versions are available. Super exciting! To those who have been patiently waiting, I thank you.

So that means I will have to be patient for the next month, as I am getting everything up and running correctly. The process is coming together nicely! My novel is finally available all across the internet. The day that Timeless Kiss-Legacy of Cape May becomes a best seller will be a celebration day! Just to hear myself say that makes me smile.

To all who have bought my book, to all who have sent me encouraging messages about buying and receiving and reading my books, I thank you sincerely. Please continue to spread the word!

Collectively you are helping me. It’s a good feeling!

To those who have my novel and are pleased with it, I ask that you write a review and post it on Facebook or Amazon or send an email to: mentaltwine@gmail.com. Doing so will help others decide to purchase it.

I am always happy to hear how much you loved reading Timeless Kiss-Legacy of Cape May, perhaps as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Laura Summers Davis